Therianos Family history from generation to generation we continue cultivate our organic farm in the isand of Zakynthos Greece in the village of Kallithea

Therianos Family 

Grandma Dionysia Father Spyros Mother Toula Children Dionysia Kalomira Anastasios Dimitris 

One of the ancient emblems year 1489 of the Therianos Family

Therianos Family 

Therianos family is dated from 1489 from generation to generation, we are still here in the Land of Zakynthos to offer you the best products in the world.

For hundreds of years the Therianos Family has been producing olive oil. 

Father Spyros 
Born in 1943 
Our Father give to us the  energy to respect and love our Land and Trees he worked all his life and raised his family by farming the land.

Mother Toula with Father Spyros 

 worked hard to keep the farm and raise their children from the cultivation of olives, raisins and vines as the main source of income for hundreds of years.

The Children of Therianos Family 

Dionysia  Kalomoira  Anastasios  Dimitrios Always we like the idea to work together and to suport one each other. 
 Work  and suport the idea we work for the best for the people  suport the idea of unity the idea of the family to creat products is good for the soul and the body . 

 Love mother earth 


We grew up with Values  Respect, Appreciation, Care

Therianos Family now 

Mother Fantoula with the children  Dimitris Dionysia Anastasios Kalomoira 

The message 

 Everything can be done if you believe in it and love what you do

The role of  unity

 Each of us, unique and special, created our space in our own way and work to enjoy it together with our friend's guests 

Dimitris  make big reserch for the Olive Oil and the health properties  for the people , for many years the see and undesturd the power of Olive Oil , and in 2010 the give OLive Oil for the Mother Tula to drink every day for problems with health have that time , in little days the change the life of the mother Tula , the problems have is  , Cholesterol - Arthritis - Arteries Varicose Veins - Intestine Diverticulitis - stomach - constipation  after 20 days the use the High Phenolic Olive OIl the body of the mother have great balance and energy  everythink change . 

History  about the idea of Therianos Family Products and Visit Farm 

The story dates back to a long time ago when Dimitris Therianos , the youngest son of the Therianos family, had envisioned the creation of a visitable farm that would provide the visitor with services and products for the soul and body and the chef of the products created the brand of Therianos Family with this to have the suported enegy and work from all the family .
Dimitris did research on the importance of nutrition in humans and how important food is for our health, studying the ancient Greeks Hippocrates Disokouridis and other ancient and modern scholars. Worked and managed to make one of the best Olive Oil in the world for health, and cosmetics for skin treatment

All  Family  Therianos  suport the idea 

An idea becomes a new brand is born in the world to offer the best products in the world for soul and body. is supported from the beginning of its birth by the whole Therianos family, the mother Fantoula and the children Dionysia, Kalomira, Anastasios and Dimitrios.

Dimitris Therianos  in the international conference from Oleacanthal International Society  in Spain Malaga  about the High Phenolic Olive Oil With dr Jose Amerigo, Dr Stefanos Kales , Chef Maria Lois ,Chef Garcia Peinado 

Dimitris one expert in Polyphenols Speak about the Philosophy himself and Therianos Family